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About me


Jenny Medrano is an experienced coach, consultant and facilitator within the arenas of lifestyle, liberation and DEIJ (diversity, equity, inclusion, justice). With over a decade of experience, Jenny pulls from her background of education and DEIJ training to inform all of the coaching and consulting that she currently does.


She spent the last decade serving within various nonprofits focused on empowering youth in their communities, most recently the nonprofit, Building Bridges. Within her time at BB, she was able to jumpstart the Adult training program that focused on DEIJ and anti-oppression training. To learn more about her experience in DEIJ, check our her DEIJ Impact Report here. 

Currently, Jenny pours all of her passion and heart into her coaching business, in the form of 1:1 coaching, group facilitation and coaching, and Liberated Lifestyle programming focused on liberation. All of the curriculum and content she creates is done through a lens of DEIJ, while also making sure to account for accessibility, as well as emotional and cultural intelligence. Her coaching is trauma-informed and holistic in the form of mind, body and spiritual wellness. 


Jenny is driven by her vision of a collective humanity where individuals are able to create both a liberated lifestyle and new, liberating structures to live within.


Guiding Values

Honesty and Transparency
Abundance and Generosity
Individual and Collective Liberation
Collaboration and Community
Holistic Healing and Wellness
Authenticity and

Guiding Beliefs

Individual and Systemic Change

We believe in the power of shifting your reality by your thoughts, intentions⁣ and actions. ⁣ We believe in the need for systemic change to make all people’s dreams have space and power to come to be.

Manifestation and Redistribution of Resources

We believe in the power of visualization and envisioning a new future, and watching that vision take place.⁣ ⁣ We believe in the need for tangible resources and opportunities that are necessary to manifest any vision.⁣

Meditation and Representation

We believe in the power of meditation, the rush of peace and acceptance and love that can come from intentional silence and presence.⁣ ⁣ We believe in the need for elevation of marginalized spiritual guides, gurus and leaders. Those of which have been silenced, or had their stories and culture stolen and westernized.⁣

Integration and Relaxation

We believe in the power of holistic integration of mind, body and spirit. We believe in the need for time, energy and resources that allow space for rest and integration.⁣

Healing and History

We believe in the power of healing, tapping into power that is higher than myself, be it the Divine, guides or ancestors.⁣ ⁣ We believe in the need for education and the uncovering of all of the history lessons that have been hidden. Of the powerful stories of Black and Brown leaders who paved the way for my liberation.⁣


Guiding Principles

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Decolonization and Deprogramming

  • Mindfulness and Consciousness Raising

  • Accessibilty

 DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

We make sure that all workshop curriculum and every coaching session is designed through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion. This means that each session, whether online or in-person, is created with a diverse community of people in mind that have varying levels of privilege and oppression. Our aim is to hold any session or space to the standard of inclusion that makes the most marginalized person in the room feel included.  


Intersectionality is consistently addressed in any session, while also centering the weight and importance that race plays in influencing a person's lived experience in the U.S. Additionally, we take various learning styles, cultures, and ability levels into consideration when creating any session, ensuring that an equitable learning environment is created for people of all cognitive levels, cultures, and identities.

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