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About me


Jenny Medrano is an experienced life coach, personal stylist and DEI consultant who is driven by a vision of collective liberation for all. This passion for liberation was fueled by the ten years she spent working as a DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Consultant and Trainer who supported organizations in shifting their workplace culture to create greater liberatory structures and practices. 


One of the patterns she noticed during her time as a DEI consultant was that women in almost every workplace were oftentimes lacking the confidence they needed to advocate for themselves and live out their full potential as the leaders of their own lives. This is what led Jenny to start her own business as a life coach who focuses on supporting women to build their confidence and go after their dreams.


Currently, Jenny works for her own business, Jenny Medrano Coaching, and she’s expanding her life coaching to now include personal styling. She is especially passionate about working with women who are in the midst of a career transition and/or in the process of starting a new business. Her aim is to help women build confidence from the inside by focusing on shifting their mindset and clarifying their goals, and own their confidence on the outside by defining their personal style through fashion.


One of her signature services for women who are ready to transform from the inside out and make their dream a reality is a 3-Month Coaching Program called “Own Your Style, Own Your Vision” (adapted from her original life coaching program called the “Liberated Lifestyle Program”). She also offers personal styling services that include styling your existing closet, creating a personalized thrifted capsule wardrobe, and customized online shopping and styling.

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