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It's time to experience liberation of the mind, body, and soul

Are you ready to experience deeper liberation in how you view yourself and show up in the world?

Are you ready to challenge anything in your beliefs, habits and lifestyle that are keeping you oppressed?

Let's do it. 

What is Liberation Coaching?

In my business, liberation coaching means supporting you in your journey of being set free from oppression and empowering you to embrace your most liberated self.

In our 1:1 Liberation Coaching sessions, you can expect an experience that combines life coaching, decolonization, intuitive guidance and strategic planning. These sessions often explore the role of systemic oppression on your beliefs, thoughts, patterns and actions and how we can work towards deeper liberation, while taking all of your identities into account (i.e. race, gender, sexual orientation etc.).


We will go where your mind, body and spirit is ready and willing to take you, and our end goal is always a more liberated YOU.


Each Liberation Coaching Package is customized to your unique needs, obstacles and goals pertaining to your personal liberation. 


1:1 Liberation Coaching Packages for:



  • ​​Support in experiencing deeper liberation in Career, Relationships, Hobbies, Health and/or Spirituality
  • Intuitive Guidance around life path decisions
  • Racial identity development for individuals seeking to uproot white supremacy culture and be anti-racist 
  • Decolonizing self and lifestyle practices
  • Visioning for liberated lifestyle
  • Mindset work around limiting beliefs in relation to systemic oppression
  • Strategic planning for liberation goals



  • Strategic Planning around Business Goals
  • Decolonizing business practices and time management
  • Establishing equitable leadership pipelines and developing new leaders
  • Content creation for website or marketing
  • Business Plan or Model Development
  • Expanding team and assigning aligned roles & responsibilities
  • Setting rates for services and products
  • Marketing via Social Media


One-Time 90-Min. Sessions

Experience a more empowered YOU in just 90 minutes!

90-Min. Visioning Session


Create a Liberated Lifestyle Blueprint (full vision map) with the support of a liberation coach

90-Minute Visioning Session Includes:

  • ​Spend time in guided visualization and meditation around what kind of liberated lifestyle you want for yourself

  • Create and record specific and detailed visions for all areas of your life: career/finances, relationships/community, hobbies/travel, health/wellness, spiritual beliefs/rituals.

  • Specify ideal timeframes for seeing your visions come to fruition while being coaching to dream towards your growth edge

  • Experience coaching and guidance through the lens of liberation that supports you to naming and defining your most desired visions

  • Leave with a greater sense of hope, excitment and motivation to magnetize and live out your most liberated lifestyle

Includes: Liberated Lifestyle Blueprint Digital PDF, Vision Mapping Draft PDF, Guiding Frequencies Worksheet PDF and Manifestation Visualization Recording

PRICE: $333

90-Min. Superpower Session


Clarify your unique superpowers and the role you play in our collective liberation

90-Min. Session Includes:

  • ​Determine your superpowers from the Clifton Strengthfinders Assessment, Human Design Test, and Astrology Chart (strengths, energy design, and personality).

  • Reflect on key life experiences in that have both drained and energized you, and pinpoint the factors that will lead to more motivation and energy

  • Connect the dots between your unique gifting, your ideal work flow, your personality traits, and your most liberated path forward

  • Figure out how you can start doing more of what you love, less of what you like, and little of what you dislike.

  • Leave with a greater sense of empowerment, confidence and motivation to live out the most authentic version of yourself.

PRICE: $333

Session Includes: CliftonStrengths Assessment from Gallup

($50 Value)


Experience the power and pleasure of a liberated lifestyle

as you support humanity in our 

collective liberation


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