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Why Liberation Now?

The consequences of colonization, white supremacy, capitalism and patriarchy are not only evident in the systems and structures around us, they are felt. These ripple effects of oppression, scarcity and competition have been internalized by generation after generation, and are now embodied by many individuals within our collective.

In order for our collective to be able to experience a new earth reality of liberation, collaboration, creativity and abundance, we will need to focus on liberating ourselves from an embodiment of oppression. 

The more that we take the time to heal ourselves and unlearn systems, behaviors and mindsets of oppression, the more we can ready ourselves to participate in a future of collective liberation. The liberation doesn't have to stop there either. We can engage in a simultaneous process of





This is why I have dedicated my business, Jenny Medrano Coaching, to support individuals and groups who are ready to experience deeper liberation. Through

1:1 liberation coaching,

group coaching,

collective liberation sessions

and a specific empowerment program called the

Liberated Lifestyle Program,

I support individuals and groups in the both/and of unlearning and reimagining.

I am here to stand in the gap of time between the past and the future, between the history and the repeating. I am here to disrupt patterns of oppression by creating space for liberation. 

- Jenny Medrano



1:1 Liberation Coaching

Customized coaching that combines life coaching, decolonization, spiritual guidance and strategic planning. Multiple packages available.

FOR: Liberation-Seekers, Especially for those who want to deepen their journey of liberation but not sure where to start


Liberated Lifestyle Program

Experience the power and pleasure of a liberated lifestyle, as you clarify your role in our collective liberation and create a new way forward.

FOR: Liberation-Seekers, Especially for those who are ready to  transform their lifestyle into one of liberation and purpose


DEIJ Coaching, Facilitation & Consultation

Engage in a group experience of collective liberation via group coaching, workshops, retreats and more. All customized with your DEIJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice) needs in mind.

FOR: Organizations, Companies, Institutions, and Community Groups seeking deeper liberation



Experience the power and pleasure of a liberated lifestyle

as you support humanity in our 

collective liberation


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