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Ready to thrive?

Are you awakening to your identity as a creator that is meant to serve the collective and support our collective liberation, but unsure of how to live out your purpose?


  • Do you feel ready to serve the collective with your special gifts and superpowers but maybe unsure of what your superpowers are and how to use them?

  • Do you feel stuck in your career, relationships, hobbies, spirituality and/or wellness and wondering why you can't experience more freedom and fulfillment in life?

  • Do you feel underrepresented when you look at the leaders, entrepreneurs and organizers around you, and eager to participate in a new wave of collective leaders of your specific identities related to race, gender, sexual orientation, ability or spiritual beliefs?


Are you ready to transform your lifestyle from one of survival and oppression to one of thriving and liberation? 

Ready to be free?

You’re in the right place. I’m a liberation-focused creator like you!

I am also a

 multiracial, Indigenous, Mexicana, femme, spiritual, social activist

who sees that the societal matrix that we live in is grounded in systemic oppression and understands that breaking out of the matrix will take individual experiences of liberation as well as collective movements of liberation.


In order for awakening people like us to be able to fully live out our unique purpose, we are going to need to create

liberated lifestyles

that free us to serve the collective and create new,

 liberating systems & structures

to live within.

Let's get Liberated

Your liberated lifestyle will not only set you up for thriving and a life of abundance, but it will also free you to be the best version of yourself.


To love those in your life, more wholeheartedly, to serve those in the collective more effectively, and to play and enjoy life more consistently. The hobbies and adventures that bring you life matter just as much as the job that pays your bills, and your creative endeavors can fuel your career goals.


Your holistic health and wellness matter just as much as your relationships and community, and they ultimately can serve each other. And your spiritual beliefs and practices can exist as the grounding magic for all of these aspects of your lifestyle to flow in harmony. 


In liberating yourself to live purposefully in your career, hobbies, relationships, health and spirituality, you will fuel your unique purpose that liberates the collective.

Join The Liberated Lifestyle Program
to get started on your journey of freedom and purpose

How it Works:


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Choose your Pace:

Book "Your Secret Sauce" as an individual experience of two, 1-hour sessions for $555


Book the entire Liberated Lifestyle Program (All 4 Phases) and save $500

REVIEWS of the
Liberated Lifestyle Program

  • Experience a deeper belief in, and love for your precious human self, leading to more fulfilling relationships in love, friendships, career and spirituality

  • Develop a greater understanding of your “secret sauce,” aka your specific skills, strengths and superpowers 

  • Define a clarified driving vision- a statement that will ground you in purpose as you cultivate your liberated lifestyle

  • Shift your subconscious with powerful audios of liberated lifestyle affirmations that you can use to continue to reprogram your thoughts and patterns and strengthen your ability to manifest

  • Create a strategic action plan and lifestyle blueprint, designed by you and your unique personality and preferences, that will serve as a roadmap to your unique purpose and path 

  • Experience the boost of meeting your personal goals throughout the program, and leave with greater confidence to continue meeting your goals

  • Live out your powerful purpose in a way that feels joyful and free which will support your individual liberation as well as the liberation of the collective

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Liberated Lifestyle Process


Your Secret

Overcoming Loneliness (YouTube Channel Art).png
Session Includes Clifton Strengths Assessment, Human Design Assessment and Big 6 Natal Cha
Find out your Secret Sauce!


Your Liberated
Lifestyle Blueprint

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Vision Mapping: Create a lifestyle blueprint for your ideal, liberated future by mapping out visions for your career/finances, hobbies/travel, relationships/community, spiritual beliefs/practices and health/wellness. Then, add timelines and prioritize the visions you want to focus on.

Let's Vision Map!


Your Liberated

Overcoming Loneliness (YouTube Channel Art).png

Shift your Subconscious: Deprogram existing limiting beliefs and thought patterns that lend themselves to the matrix of scarcity, systemic oppression and self doubt and reprogram your subconscious to a mindset of abundance, liberation and self love with countering affirmations.

I'm ready to shift my mindset!


Your Liberated
Action Plan

Overcoming Loneliness (YouTube Channel Art).png

Strategic Action Plan: Create a 6-Phase Action Plan that includes focus areas, smart goals, resources and accountability that will support you in manifesting your visions, and navigate existing and potential obstacles that may arise on your specific path. Execute the plan, adjust any goals as needed, and continue deprogramming limiting beliefs and reprogramming with countering affirmations. 

It's time to finally DO this!

I'm ready to experience the full Liberated Lifestyle Program!

The Liberated Lifestyle Program

Coaching Program Includes:

  • 3 Months of Liberation Coaching: focused on supporting you in visioning, planning and acting on a plan for a more liberated lifestyle

  • 6 Bi-weekly, 90min. sessions (2 Calls/Month): focused on figuring out your strengths and super powers, visioning your liberated lifestyle, working through limiting beliefs, empowering a liberated mindset, and creating and implementing a strategic action plan

  • Daily Coaching Support: daily access to support from Jenny via Whatsapp text and voice notes

  • Figure out your "Secret Sauce": receive a full consultation session for your specific super powers from the following assessments: CliftonStrengths, Human Design, Natal Chart (astrology

  • Vision Map Your Liberated Lifestyle: experience the power of Jenny's strategic manifestation process of "vision mapping" through a 4-stage process that includes visioning for all areas of life (career, relationships, hobbies, spirituality and wellness), determining a Driving Vision Statement, naming guiding frequencies that embody your higher self and finalizing a vision map that includes 3 core visions and 6 secondary visions

  • Shift into a Liberated Mindset: figure out the specific limiting beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting the visions for your liberation, and create countering affirmations that can be used to shift your subconscious

  • Create a Strategic Action Plan: figure out get focused around one specific vision for your liberation and map it out into a strategic, 6-Phase action plan that accounts for focus areas, resources, timeline and smart goals

3 Monthly Payments of $1,111

or pay in full at $3000


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